UDSS provides Human Resources and Organizational Development Consulting Services that help clients meet their human capital and business strategy needs.  UDSS leverages a team of experts with a strong understanding of the oil and gas industry and the ability to address talent organizational issues.

The scope of our offer from an strategic, tactic and operational standpoint includes the design and implementation of HR processes in the following areas:

HR Strategic and Operational Planning

Guarantees the alignment of the HR organization processes with the business strategic orientation.

Organizational analysis

Helps define roles and responsibilities in the proper way, in order to assure the adequate organization  governance and relationships.

Talent Forecast

Supports the quantitative and qualitative identification of talent shortage and business requirements in the short, mid and long term.

Individual and Organizational Development

Includes a holistic vision of talent recruitment and organizational induction, training focused on competencies gaps, potentiality estimation in order to identify generation relay, individual career plan and succession plans for key positions, performance appraisal based on KPI´S , recognition and compensation schemes and coaching programs to facilitate outplacement and retirement.

Change Management

Oriented to preserve an adequate organizational environment based on practices that empowers team building, business holistic vision and the adequate balance of attitude and aptitude skills with the associated behaviors in order to assure cultural and organizational alignment.

Knowledge Management

Focus on preserving knowledge and to transform the organization in a learning system, based on practices such as excellence centers, experts networks and knowledge circles, among others.

   Human Talent & Organizational Developement

In a business partnership role with our clients, UDSS helps clients identify and implement the actions required to fortify the organization’s knowledge and to convert organizational talent into a competitive business advantage.

Our proposal guides the Human Resources processes to generate added value to your business, with an integrated and systematic  approach, based on best practices and utilizing top industry expertise.

 Our value proposition includes de activities below.

Strategic Context

  • Human resources strategic planning
  • Operational planning of  HR
  • Quantity and quality talent sizing
  • Organizational and process analysis
  • Leadership and management succession planning
  • Breeding ground program
  • Knowledge management
  • Organizational climate analysis
  • Retirement planning
  • Change management

Tactic Context

  • Capture of new talent
  • New hire induction
  • Career development based on competency
  • Potential estimation, identification of talent and career planning & succession
  • Performance evaluation tied to organizational indicators
  • Compensation outline: fixed & variable programs
  • Programs towards a new stage (pre-retirement)
3d stainless human social network and leadership

   Integrated Management

UDSS offers Integrated Talent Management services that are designed to align talent strategies and workforce plans with corporate strategy. This includes evaluation of talent management processes and ensuring alignment with talent strategy initiatives. UDSS performs a holistic, systemic and systematic evaluation based on best practices and our experience in the oil and gas industry.