One of the major challenges in the area of reservoir development is the optimization of the process that integrates interactions between reservoir, production and facility systems, along with the economical factors. UDSS helps clients optimize the reservoir development by establishing the design and evaluating all possible combinations of the decisive variables, such as the reservoir properties, well location and production. This results in well-informed scheduling parameters, to obtain the best economical strategies.

The UDSS reservoir development optimization process consists of the following areas:

  • Static and dynamic integration of models
  • Defining various scenarios of drilling locations vs. production forecast associated to factor in reservoir and production mechanisms
  • Integrate facilities capacity in order to define and solve possible bottle-necks in the system
  • Evaluate the economics associated to the CAPEX and OPEX vs. production revenue
  • Rank the various strategies that maximize hydrocarbons – production vs. expenditure –to minimize uncertainty