The world of oil and gas exploration is one where the main activity is directed to remove uncertainty, in order to obtain the most out of the capital expenditure (CAPEX) invested. In decreasing uncertainty well defined studies are required around the petroleum system and its components: rock source, reservoir, seal, and trap.

UDSS specializes in providing the right expertise to define these components so that they can be clearly defined and understood. The integration of high level expertise in Geology, Geophysics and Reservoir Engineering is key, along with the use of top of the line technology in the areas of Geochemistry, Petrophysics, Stratigraphic and Sedimentology Modeling; such that uncertainty is decreased and risks associated with the exploration of hydrocarbon is mitigated.

Over the years UDSS has gained expertise in Integrated Exploration Studies, in which a team of experts with the appropriate technologic tools define the amount of resources and reserves in a given block or area. UDSS is also well recognized in the activities of PEER Reviews for exploration portfolios that helps multidisciplinary teams to review and improve the evaluation of plays, leads and prospects.

The UDSS’s areas of expertise are:

  • Regional Assessment/Mapping of Hydrocarbon Prospectivity
  • Evaluation of ranked portfolios for exploration
  • Migration of fluids and thermal evolution; bedrock geochemical analysis
  • Stratigraphic correlations, structural, stratigraphic and geo mechanical modeling
  • Stratigraphic interpretation and structural 2D and 3D petro physical modeling, design and interpretation of pressure tests.